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North Downs Way 50®

17 May 2025

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This page is designed to help people who want to cheer/ support their runner on course. Before we come to the options for good locations from which to spectate, we need to be clear on three items. We make no apologies for being explicit in these directions, you directly threaten the future of this event if you disobey these rules, hence the pretty severe terms!

Please see the video here for details on what the terms crews, pacers and supporters mean and where and when the three groups are permitted at our events.


Rest assured that we will thoroughly take care of your runner during their race. There are 6 check points manned by volunteers with extensive supplies at each. The course is fully marked. Part of this sport is about self-sufficiency on the trail and runners should be aware that they are responsible for themselves out on the trail. But they will be fully catered for as much as is possible in a 50 mile trail race.

Supporters are not allowed at the check point locations, full stop. Not by foot, by bicycle and most definitely not by vehicle. Many of the check points at this event are the size of a handful of parking spaces, which are used for the volunteers cars and the check point itself. Our permissions from landlords and the Trail managers, exist because we guarantee a specific number of cars and people attending each site. Please do not threaten the future of the race by breaking this rule. Your runner risks DQ if you visit any official check point. Please be sure that not at a check point, does not mean 10 metres away. Please be sensible. Please do not park at a check point and then walk down the trail. It is the parking at the check point that is the primary issue.

Crewing is not allowed anywhere. Your runner will be disqualified if you provide them any outside assistance. Crewing refers to handing them food, drinks or any kind of physical assistance, including taking rubbish or excess layers from them. Words of encouragement are great! Do not run alongisde your runner even 'just for a few minutes'. That is pacing.

Start - Farnham: Supporters are allowed at the leisure centre and can join their runners on the walk to the start line – giving priority to runners where space is tight.

Finish – Knockholt Pound: Supporters are actively encouraged on to the field at the back of the village hall. There is to be absolutely no parking in the village or at the village hall. Parking for spectators is at Cooling Lifestyle, TN14 7LJ ONLY. It is only a 5 minute walk to the finish field. Dogs are not allowed in the field, it is a Parish Council rule we do not want to break.

So, on to some ideas for locations from which to support. This is not an exhaustive list, within reason you can walk down the trail to meet the runner anywhere that isn't a check point. But please be sensible with parking and access.

Location: Shalford Park, Shalford Road, Guilford, GU4 8BL
Approx Mileage: 10.6
Brief Description: There is a car park at the northern end of Shalford Park, on the A281/ Shalford Road, which is free at weekends. Supporters are advised to Park there and walk the short distance south to where the North Downs Way/ course cuts across the sports fields. Supporters may meet runners east of the bridge over the River Wey, and West of the Shalford Road. Under no circumstances should supporters park on the Pilgrims Way/ east of that road crossing.

Location: St. Marthas Church, National Trust car park, GU4 8PZ
Approx Mileage: 12.5
Brief Description: St Marthas Hill Car Park is situated at the crest of the hill of a single lane road called Halfpenny Lane. The best way to approach it is to head towards Chilworth. As you come in to Chilworth from the west you will see a left hand turn in to Blacksmith Lane. If you follow that road until it bends right, it then becomes halfpenny lane. It is single lane and winds up the hill. As you come to the brow of the hill you will see a turn off for the NDW path, then a drive way and then the entrance to the car park on your right. 

Location: Denbies Hillside Car Park (National Trust), Ranmore Common Rd, near Dorking, RH5 6SR
Approx Mileage: 21
Brief Description: Spectators should park in Denbies Hillside Car Park and cheer their runners on the NDW itself in Steers Field BEFORE they reach the road crossing. 

Location: Box Hill Trig Pt, Zig Zag Rd, KT20 7LB
Approx Mileage: 26
Brief Description: Supporters may cheer runners along the ridge of Box Hill/ View Pt. Around the trig point in the clearing and on the trail is best, but between the top of the steps coming from the west and the next set of steps headed east is the most open.

Location: Rockshaw Rd Merstham, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 3DB
Approx Mileage: 33.7
Crews may park anywhere in Merstham including along Rockshaw Road.