Centurion Running


We have been lucky enough to receive a lot of incredibly positive feedback from our events. We work tirelessly to ensure that no stone is left unturned in assisting runners to get to the finish line in as safe and enjoyable manner as possible. Ultimately it is in huge part, the volunteers who make these experiences what they are.

Below some of the feedback we've received for a few of the events in 2017-18:

Wendover Woods 50 2018

I felt I had to contact you regarding yesterday’s race. I’ve ran races all over the world but yesterday was my first centurion race after hearing such good feedback from friends and I wasn’t disappointed. The organisation and your crew were amazing, they couldn’t do enough for us runners and honestly I was shocked and how streamlined everything was! The course was amazing too, exactly what I was hoping it would be like. See you at ndw50!

I just wanted to say a big thank you for a great event on Saturday. It was my first Centurion event and definitely not my last! The organisation of the event was so efficient and slick. The volunteers were all so friendly and helpful. The route through the forest was creative, great fun and well signed - I normally run with a map, so it was really nice being able to switch off that part of the brain and concentrate on just running!  Thank you for all your hardwork and passion for running that makes events like these so great. I’m looking forward to running my second Centurion event next April - now that I’m a little more organised and managed to get myself entered in time!
My first 50 mile race.... tough choice picking the event but after 11hrs 45mins of Wendover I couldn’t have been happier! A really great set up with fantastic marshals/volunteers along the route! The course was stunning and made for really enjoyable running. Despite low points having to battle through a saw left leg (probably inflamed ITB) from lap three, I am already looking back and thinking how the time flew by! Lots of lessons learnt and I undoubtedly feel stronger for having battled through the low points! Thanks to all at Centurion!
A huge thanks to all volunteers, supporters and fellow runners, what an amazing community. It was great to meet and make new friends. Huge congratulations to everyone especially the "slammers". And lastly what an incredible course expertly put together by centurion. As far as I'm concerned the gold label in event organisation.
Cracking race yesterday guys and after last years DNF is was great to cross the line this year. Massive thanks to all the volunteers who got us around safely and pasta and a cup of tea has never tasted so good.

From helping out at registration, checkpoints, and aid stations to completing the 50 grandslam.
I just wanted to say a big thank you to James Elson, Nici Griffin
all at Centurion, and your army of volunteers.

I was so worried about getting lost yesterday but I didn’t need worry.
The course was marked perfectly.

The people I’ve met over the years volunteering made me realise I should give it a go and I’m so glad I did.

Thank you to all who sent me good luck messages, and remembered me as I ran or maybe walked near you.

Thank you to all the friends I’ve made along the way, for all your encouragement, and support. 

Thank you for calming me down when I thought I was running out of time, for warning me about tree roots, for talking to me about your family, and races you have planned, singing, sharing sweets so many special memories. 
I really appreciate your friendship xx

A big thank you to Stuart March for capturing all the wonderful moments so I can show my family and friends.

Buzzing all day after a challenging but enjoyable WW50!(Think I was buzzing too much during my restless sleep last night too!)
Probably the hardest I've ever pushed myself in an ultra,and it paid off with a big course PB for me. Couldn't have done it without the usual faultless organisation of Centurion , and knowing there were cheerful and encouraging volunteers only a little over 5 miles away gave me something to aim for during each lap. Well done to all took part, and thanks to the awesome supporters and volunteers.
WW50 2017 was my first 50 miler - I DNF. But this year I came back and I DID IT!!! It's been one hell of a year for me - i may have been slower than tortoise going backwards, I cried (well actually I bawled my eyes out at the end of CW50), I used language that would make my Nanna turn in her grave but I did it. It was far from a walk in the park, and at several moments I wanted to quit. But I didn't. I kept plodding on, often in the darkness. I lied to my self that the aid station was just round the next corner with its team of wonderful volunteers. I lied to my fellow runners "just a short trot in and we're there". I knew eventually both would be true. Thank you just isn't enough. I've been fed, watered, cheered and literally picked up from a muddy field where I had fallen. The support has been the best it can be and as I slid down the stairs on my bum this morning in the same fashion a small child would I can honestly say I couldn't be happy.
*Warning soppy post!* πŸ™ˆ
Just wanted to say a MAHOOSIVE Thankyou to James, Drew, Nici and the whole Centurion Team and volunteers for everything you’ve done throughout this whole year. Words can’t even explain what an amazing up and down journey it’s been for me. 
This running community is just unbelievable and has pushed me to limits I didn’t even know existed!
I have made some truly special friends who I’m sure will be life long friends πŸ’œ
From the runners at the top of the field who continue to inspire me all the way to mid/back of the pack with me....the conservations we have on the trails finding out each other’s life history while pushing ourselves to the brink is just both hilarious and bloody fantastic!! 
I started running with my Dad and continued to run for him after he passed away πŸ’œ 
This 50 Grandslam was for him so thankyou so so much to every one of you for your love, advice and support to help me get to the end of the year in one piece πŸ’—A massive well done to you all for all your achievements this year! πŸ’ͺπŸƒπŸΌ‍β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌ‍♂️
Now a rest for me before the fun and adventures that await in 2019! See you all on the trails again soon X

Autumn 100 2018

I just want to say a huge thank you to the fantastic Centurion team and the first class volunteers who make this long distance running malarkey so enjoyable. While I found it tough out there on the course it was always so nice to be so warmly welcomed at each of the check points with offers of tea, coffee, flask filling, massage, along with the lovely buffets on offer. A special thank you to the kind volunteer at Whitchurch who opened my packet of handwarmers for me - I really needed them but my fingers weren't working properly! I apologise to the drop bag team at Goring for the weight of my bag. Unfortunately 8 bottles of chocolate milk don't come light so for the doms in your arms I'm sorry! Great to see so many friendly faces out on the course too. Thanks Centurion for another great event 

Just want to thank all of the incredible volunteers/Centurion Army at the A100 this weekend, as always so smoothly run and every detail thought of. And what amazing support you all are. I have absolutely loved completing the Grand Slam this year and cannot believe i finally have that big buckle! And to top it all off that incredible trophy - Nici you did say I would get it one day - I just didn't believe you! Sorry for the many tears at the end I was just so incredibly happy. I can't thank you all enough too many names to mention but you all know who you are - and so happy to have made such lovely friends along the way. I will be back next year hopefully volunteering as well as competing. These really are very special races
Another happy runner here πŸ˜Š. A100 was my first 100 and honestly I loved pretty much every moment. An enormous and heartfelt thank you to everyone who made the race happen. Everyone at the aid stations and HQ was just super lovely and I met some really lovely people on the way round.
Just wanted to say thank you to all the Centurion crew and volunteers at the A100. Especially to the crew at Chain Hill who got me warm when I had an attack.of shakes. It was my first 100 and an incredible experience.
A DNF for me yesterday. Thank you so much to everyone before that point and to Anna and the lovely medic at Goring! I wanted to get out that door but it wasn’t going to happen! 
Thanks everyone, Centurion, yes you’re an army but you are a lovely family! 
Thanks so much to everyone involved in the A100. James, photographer Stuart, the other runners and all of the incredible volunteers. You all kept me going to complete my first 100 in under 24 hours. Special thanks to the kitchen team for the vegan pasta at 75 miles that perked me right up and the lovely volunteer who took my girlfriend to pick up my house keys because she’d left them at home πŸ™ˆ absolutely above and beyond. Thanks one and all 
I wanted to say a massive thanks to all the volunteers last weekend. You were spectacular as always, nothing was ever too much trouble, and this made all the difference. I want to particularly thank the Swyncombe and North Stoke crew who had to wait for me until or past cut off, and were still unbelievably cheery and supportive. I didn't manage to get around this time but still had a great time out and it was down to you guys out there.
Thanks to all you wonderful volunteers! Marmite sandwiches are now my favourite! Last year I was too slow amongst other things and timed out at 62miles. Thanks to James shoving me out with minutes to spare before the 7am cutoff, unfortunately I timed out at 88miles - I literally hobbled the last 4miles with a swollen foot but I really believe I would have done this otherwise, so next year I'll be back yet again for unfinished business. Thank you all so much!!

Chiltern Wonderland 50 2018

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the organisers and volunteers for yesterday. This was my first 50 mile race and I could not have enjoyed it more. 
I really enjoyed how efficient and well organised the feed stations were, also how friendly, welcoming and helpful the all volunteers were. 
 I was particularly impressed with how well marked the course was, there was never any doubt which way to go, so thank you!
Just wanted to thank you for organising another awesome event! Please pass my thanks on to all the volunteers who were amazing as always, so friendly, helpful, welcoming and encouraging. The course was brilliantly marked so thank you.
I just wanted to say a huge thankful for another amazing event of yours. The course was great, volunteers amazing as usual and everything from the course marking to aid stations were spot on. You guys & gals continue to put on my favourite events to run at, so thank you.

Another thank you to the organisers and amazing volunteers. CW50 was my 5th ultra and 5th consecutive Centurion 50. It didn't disappoint, though it did feel harder this year I have to say. Despite paying to do this, it always feels such a privilege to run on gorgeous trails, feast from excellent aid stations and as for the other runners? I think I've finally found my people! Every race I get to see more people I know, meet new friends and generally have a cracking time (despite my actual times being anything but cracking).

Just thank you so muchly
After spending numerous times in the woods πŸ™„
Moaning about my gut issues, I wanted to quit at 3 CP’s
I don’t know what I’d have done if the amazing volunteers had said yes. Gutted I guess 
My 3rd 50 with you guys and as tough as it was you all make it so special 
Thank you
Thank you to James Elson, Nici Griffin and all the Centurion staff for organising amazing events. Thank you to every single volunteer, whether marking the route, baking and manning the checkpoints, sweeping and everything else that goes on. Nothing is ever too much for you guys, and it’s what really makes Centurion events stand out from the others.
Yesterday was my first centurion event and I absolutely loved it! Thank you to everyone that makes it happen, the route was so easy to follow and the aid stations were epic. I will be back for the SDW50 and I'm already looking forward to it! I met some incredible runners which added to a fab experience β€οΈ
A massive thank you to all the amazing volunteers yesterday at the CW 50 the aid stations were brilliant and the support was fantastic
It wasn't my best run but importantly I got the job done
Thanks for all your hard work yesterday guys πŸ€— Vegan ginger cake at aid 2 was ace πŸ˜Š
The most amazing thing about everyone involved with Centurion Running is that, even though the standard of support is already excellent, they are always improving it! How is this possible? Can’t thank you all enough xx
Thank you so much to all the volunteers yesterday. You are all incredibly friendly, smiley and you saved me more than once all the way round! I’m so very grateful to have met such lovely people x
Thanks to the, as always, amazing Centurion Army yesterday. The Marshall’s at Aid stations and road crossings were as supportive as they always are and couldn’t do enough for the runners. I also don’t think I’ve ever run on such a well marked course and the don’t envy the sweepers keeping their eyes open for all the tape/signs when clearing up!! See you all at Wendover for the 50 Slam finale!!
Great race. Amazing route. Amazing volunteers. Amazing friends... but I want to send out a big shout out to Stuart March - who makes my race every time and for having a smile and a hug for everyone β€β€πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

North Downs Way 100 2018

Thanks so much for yet another great event , brilliant organisation and support throughout the day&night, me and my crew felt really  supported and encouraged by all the volunteers and superb markings throughout. Can’t wait until the next one.
First, thanks for everything at this weekend’s NDW 100. It was quite a race and one that didn’t pull its punches! There were definitely some tough stages at the back end that tested my limits! As always the aid stations were fantastic and I can’t properly express my gratitute for the support they gave. 
Thank you to every single volunteer from this weekend. It was Absolutely exceptional how responsive and supportive everyone was at the check points. Nothing was too much of an effort and everyone was so positive and lovely. You really do make the event so special and I appreciate you all giving your time to support us as we battle to achieve our goals and push our limits. Thank you xxx
My thanks to you guys and all of the sterling organisation that goes into these events. Maybe it was the outdoor setting (i.e. people not milling about inside a confined space) but registration seemed even more seamless and relaxed than usual. It's harder to fully take on board the efforts of the volunteers at the first two CPs*, only as they're so busy; however, with the field a little more spread out from Box Hill onwards, it was readily apparent how much effort the volunteers were putting in - providing ice and ice pops, buckets for soaking buffs, trying to keep chocolate out of direct sunlight, ensuring there was plenty of fruit available. Honestly, the effort on show was truly astounding. If I was to air one minor gripe, it would be the "swarm" of wasps at Reigate Hill - something which I don't think you have any control over. The guys there dealt with it way more calmly than I was doing. I stood there for all of three minutes and began sprinting towards Caterham. I'd give special mention to the ladies at Botley Hill because they are ALWAYS so damn great and on this occasion, it's the boiled and mini roast spuds that were a godsend.
The support at each checkpoint was incredible. I can’t thank those guys enough for their care and attention. It is hard to convey this when you are feeling so tired but please let them know that it is very much appreciated. The chap at Detling who came over when I was slumped in a chair and got me coffee and made me a couple of ham sandwiches may just have saved my life. I am so pleased to have finished. The end is just spectacular. All the pain melted away and the reception on the finish line was totally amazing. At points during the race I was wondering what the **** I was doing but now, I must confess, I'm wondering which one to do next ;-) Huge congrats and many thanks once again
The volunteers were amazing. Encouraging, helpful, supportive, full of advice and offering care and humour in equal measure. There was one moment where i was feeling a little low and while i only needed ten minutes rest and two cups of sugary tea, the volunteers at Detling were attentive and made sure I was good. 
The Centurion family just gets stronger & more amazing at every event. Every single member of staff, volunteer, crew member, pacer & fellow runner look out for you the whole time. I am overwhelmed with how well I was looked after. It wasn’t my day but everyone went out of their way to help me keep going as long as I possibly could and I had the best encouragement & care ever. I can’t thank you all enough! I would name names but I’m so afraid I would forget someone - you know who you all are I hope!
Just want to thank all the volunteers at the NDW100 this weekend. You were all incredible - the support and encouragement helps so much. Things I didn't think of like ice in my bra! The sponges where were those sponges?whoever gave them to me thank you that was ecstasy! It was a truly incredible and extremely tough race but I loved it and can't thank you all enough. 
So my first crack at 100 ended at Bluebell Hill yesterday but what a day! Loved it and the ultra running community is amazing! So many people who helped me during the day, thank you guys! So many who’s names I didn’t get but those who I do remember are Sheila Rose, Bex Johnson and Tracey Watson, the lovely lady with a glitter decorated face but most of all Ian Shelley and William Gulliver but they proper looked after me during the night and I’m so sorry I could stay with you but made up for Billy getting that buckle!
Still have a warm fuzzy feeling even though I didn’t finish but I’ll be back next year and I’m getting that buckle! πŸ’ͺ🏻 Well done to all those that finished you are truly amazing! πŸ˜Š 
A massive massive thank you too to all the volunteers, the support was outstanding and nothing was too much trouble. I’m definitely putting my name down to do the same next year, you’re inspirational! Thank you. 

South Downs Way 100 2018

I hope this email adds to a growing inbox of thanks for this weekends SDW100. The whole thing was bloody awesome. Everyone deserves massive congratulation and I hope the team enjoyed putting it on as much as the participants enjoyed it.
As usual a brilliantly organised and run event, many thanks. Constantly amazed at the hours you manage to survive!

Thank you once again to the full Centurion army. SDW100 is a beast!! Everyone involved plays a part to get the runners to the end you are all truly awesome :-)

I will never forget the line of head torches spreading for miles when climbing up Itford hill and looking back, it was a special sight!

Centurion squad. Cheers guys n girls top stuff as always. The Bench mark.

To the lovely volunteer at Southease who gave me her personal stash of power pork pies... thank you I think you may have saved my race today, tight as it was πŸ˜

Thank you each and every other volunteer too

Gosh, what an amazing experience getting my first buckle. I loved loved loved Sdw100, it all went so perfectly for me. Thank you so much to everyone for the company and support along the way and all of the Marshall’s and volunteers, you all made it such a fab day. I swore that I would only ever do one 100 race as a bucket list run, but I can’t wait to do another one now.

I’m still on such a high from the weekend, I’m even smiling on my tube journey to work πŸ˜€

Thanks again guys, what a weekend!

Thanks to all at Centurion, the incredible volunteers who got me back out on the trail when I was close to dropping and the runners I shared miles with along the way. It was my first (and last) hundred and my stomach was in bits from about mile 18 to the finish. Somehow the lovely ladies at Washington got me back out there when I thought my day was done. I would say I walked at least 70 miles of the race as I couldn’t run more than 3 steps without the tummy going south, and this was an experience in itself! I have no idea how I managed to get to the finish but I know I wouldn’t have without all the amazing volunteers and other runners and your crews x
Yesterday just wasn't my day, I dropped at 50 miles, but I'd just like to thank Centurion and the ever brilliant volunteers who took perfect care of me. And for my fellow runners who offered assistance when I was hobbling along, you're all bloody amazing. I still had a great day for the most part, and I'll be back again for another go in the future
Would like to add my thanks to the army of volunteers at the weekend, I know from my stint last year how tiring it is for you all & sometimes just as emotional as running it. Every CP from start to finish was super going that extra mile to ensure every runner had a chance of reaching Eastbourne by foot - thanks each & everyone! Thanks also to my fellow runners for creating a perfect weekend of what ultra running should be, looking out for each other, a very humbling experience of humanity at its very best. Well done to all who had the bottle to stand at the start line regardless of the outcome - much love & respect β€οΈ
Meant to post this earlier but it went to the other page..... I feel so privileged to be involved in the Centurion Running Community. If I'm not running I'm volunteering and this was my first crack at the 100 mile distance. One of my favourite things about Centurion is that everyone is treated equally and made to feel special weather you're a back of the pack runner like me or the winner! Yesterday was special in ways I can't really explain. I genuinely thought I would cry when I crossed the finish line but I just felt feeling elated! However, now it has suddenly hit me!
Here’s to another amazing memorable emotional & warm (!) weekend with Centurion family ...as usual the organisation superb , volunteers and Marshall’s you are outstanding . You work so hard to look after our every need ( even when we don’t know what we need- heck I can’t even decide between a grape or a peanut by midnight πŸ˜³) whilst smiling & being positive for us despite your own tiredness on aid stations β˜ΊοΈπŸ’ͺ🏽
The kindness of other runners & crews never ceases & it’s something I only see in this community - Everyone willing to stop to help each other regardless of time or aims . 

All the volunteers were absolutely amazing, so friendly, so encouraging, exactly what was needed! Special thanks to the lovely lady at Southease who coated my gross foot in vaseline. And I have to add, the 66.6 check point was just unreal, I was half tempted to pull up a seat and stay! I’m definitely putting in more effort next time I volunteer that’s for sure.

North Downs Way 50 2018

Thank you for a creating an fabulous event yesterday. I am still processing everything I went through in my first 50, but one thing is for sure - I could not have done it without the amazing support and kindness of the volunteers. I cried when I crossed the finish line and I am again tearing up now. This all meant so much for me so thank you a million times!
I finished the NDW50 yesterday and just wanted to thank everyone at Centurion (staff and volunteers) for making it such a memorable day! Everyone was very helpful, friendly and enthusiastic! And the personal service at the finish was extraordinary too. Also, the pre-race info was excellent. And… I love the massive bling and very smart finisher shirt J .I was prompted to do my first ultra with Centurion having paced a runner last year for the last 10 miles of the TP100 and SDW100. I was very impressed then by the aid stations and finish. So many thanks for a memorable day!
Thank you for yesterday 
Yet again I had a tear at the last CP
OMG how amazingly understanding and supportive the volunteers were β£οΈ
I’m totally broken. I have nothing today apart from realising I’m stronger than I think.
A huge thank you for a great day yesterday. It was superb fun, wicked course and the organisation was superb. Everyone was superb.... so good to get encouragement along the way and I have never had such good ‘service’ at the end - medal/photo/ordered to rest with everything else taken care of! Absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much. A day that will long life in the memory.
I wanted to thank you for another wonderful weekend - what a weekend!! - it's likely an aspect of the ultra running community where these events seem increasingly social. Another scorching run along the NDW and I swear that the runners have it easier than the volunteers. Your Centurion army is unwavering its support of every runner along the course, regardless of conditions. I found it easier running the North Downs than I would have done standing under or near a gazebo on a hot day. I staggered into Caterham wanting to call it a day. Arriving at the aid station and the delightfully supportive volunteers brought about a change of mind and I trudged off along the course. Sadly, my day petered out at Botley Hill but I'm glad that I made it that far. Special thanks should go to Helen who was sweeping the end of the course. Helen was jovial (which is always appreciated) and encouraging - she stopped me wallowing in my own negative headspace as I tried in vain to beat the cutoff. She also offered to deadlift me off the ground if I opted to lie down and have a snooze.
Thanks to all the volunteers, race staff, and everyone out on the trail as ever the whole army was great from check in to the finish. Was a really enjoyable day on the ndw, she is a tough old route but the effort was worth it the sunshine was amazing and the hills as enjoyable as ever.
Thanks to all the volunteers, but a special thanks to the guy at Botley Hill, who turned up with a cooler box full of ice lollies - legend.
A rare DNF for me at Reigate after the flare-up of a hamstring injury which no amount of taping could alleviate. A few tears, but mainly deep gratitude to the aid station volunteers who were perfect in their care of me when I finally made the decision to give up my number. You are all brilliant: thank you!
Massive thanks to all the wonderful volunteers yesterday. As usual you were brilliant and I needed you more than ever at Reigate.

Thames Path 100 2018

Many thanks for a superb run down the Thames. Well marked, clear instructions and the friendliest marshalls. Never having run a point to point 100 before, I was a little apprehensive, but packing the bag video, clear paperwork and a great race brief, set me off for a good run. Many thanks to all the volunteers and marshalls (who were all great) and to you and the team for all the support. 
Thank you for another wonderful weekend. Sadly, my ongoing campaign against the TP100 now stands at one buckle and four DNFs but I remain hopeful of turning the tide one year so that the numbers are in my favour. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved. Having been along several times now, I know how busy Richmond can be and this year, registration was flawless. I had my kit checked and collected my bib within 5 mins ...and it only took that long because I said hello to a couple of people. The volunteers, as always, were exemplary - particular mention to those in Dorney and Cookham, who really tried to attend to runners suffering in the heat in any way that they possibly could. I never had the chance to see the volunteers beyond Cookham this year; however, I expect that they were upholding the same level of service in the hope of sending runners on to a finish in Oxford. If I'm running, I miss out on volunteering. And (often) vice versa. Either way, I'm happy that Centurion weekends are on the calendar at home.
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for a great TP100 event. The volunteers were amazing, especially those at Whitchurch who looked after me so well when I had to drop. The female Marshall (apologies, I can’t remember her name) made such I was out of my wet and cold clothing, after I took a fall into a bog, and gave me her spare clothing to wear. The Paramedics at the finish line were wonderful too, and took such great care of me. If you could pass on my thanks to them all, I would be very grateful. 
I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Joe Delaney
One for looking after my feet and two for giving me the socks off his very own feet to repalce my wet ones. You sir are a true legend. And i am for ever in your debt.
A big thanks to all the Centurion organisers and marshals. Very tough in the heat and for the last 30 miles I didn't think I was going to finish but kept pushing with the support from the checkpoints. Special thanks to the tail runner and sweeper who picked me up towards the end and gave me the news/stats that I wanted to hear. Just got in under cutoff. That was the toughest 100 miler I've done. Apologies but a bit emotional at the end. #nevergiveup
Just want to say a huge thank you to all the incredible Centurion Army for adding so much my first TP100 experience! You were all so supportive and encouraging! I looked forward to each aid station to see you all willing us on. And the lemon drizzle cake was amazing and I can't normally eat!! 

Thank you so much to the wonderful Centurion Army for all your fabulous organisation, enthusiasm and encouragement over the weekend! I don’t know how you managed to stay so upbeat for the whole weekend but it was hugely appreciated πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

This was my first 100 mile event and I had such a great time and met so many amazing people, thank you to everyone who chatted to me and passed on words of wisdom, hope to see you all on another 100 miler! πŸ˜Š

Amazing weekend, amazing volunteers, and memories that will last forever!
Thank you all, for yet again, a wonderful experience 
πŸ™‚I just wanted to say huge thank you to all the organisers, volunteers medical teams etc that helped everyone over the weekend of fantastic ultrarunning fun
As I sit and contemplate how I’m going to get out of this hotel with no lift I can look back on this weekend with huge happiness! Thank you Centurion, what a blast! There were several times that I cursed you and questioned my sanity but they were short lived! From the first to the last a massive pat on the back. But mind the sunburn.
And to the volunteers! Wow, you guys were amazing! And Tim and Paul, your cheesy beans were my race saver!! 
I may do 2 things I’ve never done. Right a report and get a tattoo!! β€οΈπŸ–€β€οΈ

South Downs Way 50 2018

My 3rd Centurion 50 (CW/WW last year) and as before, exceptional organisation and volunteers, thank you all so much.
Thanks so much for another first class race this weekend. The organisation, support, care and attention to detail is what really sets you apart. 
Thanks all for a fine day out yesterday. Loved the race, please pass on my thanks to all the wonderful crew; especially impressed with southese checkpoint. 1st checkpoint i’ve ever seem with a proper cakestand!
Just a quick email to thank you and the Centurion team for another superb event at the weekend. Everything from the entry, the pre race  briefings, registration and the event itself was perfectly managed and of course the volunteers out on the course were awesome as always. 
Just a note to thank you for a brilliantly organised SDW50 yesterday. Everything was just superb in terms of details, organisation and pre-race info.  On the day, the aid stations were the best I have ever seen and the crews manning them just brilliant.  I'd heard so many good things about Centurion races and this surpassed everything I had heard. Thank you - I absolutely loved the race and the whole day. Please thank the outstanding volunteers for their time and smiles.  
Thanks again for another wonderful race on Saturday - one of the highlights for me was the absolutely outstanding provisions on offer at Southease - those guys really went beyond all expectations - for example they had made fudge, jellies and fruit in individual pots and egg sandwiches in tupperware containers with the crusts cut off!  It was amazing! I thanked them profusely at the time but please thank them again!
Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your awesome team for another great Centurion event on Saturday. Fantastic organisation, loved the South Downs as always and incredible to see new course records!
I “ran” your SDW50 event on Saturday, and I wanted to thank you for organising such a well run ultra. The start and finish locations were excellent, as were the pre race instructions.  The crew were helpful, and visible throughout (they seemed to keep popping up on course), and your aid stations were brilliant. Never before has a roasted potato with sea salt looked or tasted quite so amazing. Obviously your taste for food changes quite a bit through the process of an event this long, from craving sugar to being repelled by the thought of it, and every aid station offered such a wide range of options I was always able to leave with a big smile on my face having found just the perfect snack for that particular moment in time. Also placing the aid stations before some of the main climbs works really well as most participants will be walking the big hills and can thus focus on getting some calories down their throats. This was my first Centurion race, but I will be back to do others. I really enjoyed myself (despite the discomfort on occasion).
Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone involved in making the race go so well on Saturday. I really had no right to finish it based on my complete lack of training but everyone from registration to the finish and all the marshals in between were amazing and helped alleviate the suffering. The welcome and support at every check point was world-class. Every team was amazingly helpful. Massive hugs to all involved and hope to see you all back on the trails soon

Just wanted to say a MAHOOSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who helped make Saturday such a great day out. Despite my determination and best efforts, I had to drop at Saddlescombe after aggravating a chronic back injury. But the 18 miles I shared, the hugs, handshakes and encouragement I received meant my legs never felt tired on that beautiful run. And I’ll be coming back stronger and fitter for the North Downs 50.

Thanks as always for a lovely day. It’s exactly what I needed x

I'm gonna add to the hundreds of posts, just because I want to say thank you to all the volunteers and runners! This was my first ultra and I'm currently debating which one to do next, despite being in A LOT of pain!
Thanks to the guy I was running with off and on for 20+ miles, I wouldn't have done it without you! Also the 2 or 3 ladies I was running with at various points - you all absolutely smashed it!


And the aid stations were absolutely brilliant and motivating! I can'tbelieve how well organised it was! I crossed the finish line, got my medal and t shirt, and there was already someone there handing me my drop bag!

I don't know how anyone can run 100 miles, but I'm about to go and apply to volunteer for one of them because the volunteers were so inspiring! Thank you so much for this event, I'm still on a massive high!


Many thanks for a great race: the course marking was excellent; the support provided by volunteers at aid stations and others’ crews elsewhere was much appreciated; and thankfully I and many others never got to see the sweepers but I know they have one of the toughest and least sung tasks, vital to the running of an event like this.
A massive thank you to all the amazing volunteers yesterday you guys truly know how to look after us runners
Centurion events are like one big party on the go and the food was fantastic
I also want to say a huge thank you to the guy in the centurion shirt who rescued my running shoes when the mud decided to remove them from my feet, you could have just ran on but in true centurion style decided to help another runner and I will never forget that. And lastly centurion running you guys are so professional and it was a pleasure to be a part of your awesome event
See you soon on the NDW 50


North Downs Way 100 2017

Thank you Centurion and all the volunteers who looked after us all yesterday. 1st class support, brilliant marking and it was great see other runners families also cheer us on. I had done the NDW50 last year so knew what I was in for, but this NDW100 was something else! This was the hardest thing I have done in my life. This race took every piece of mental strength and determination to cross the line. 
Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you all for a fantastic race. I think it was my favourite race ever in terms of the atmosphere, aid stations, people, organisation… 
A huge thank you to every single volunteer out there at the weekend. Just amazing. I know how long some of those shifts are and you don't have the same adrenaline that the runners do, so thank you so much for helping turn dreams into buckles. And whoever made those tomato rice balls at Botley Hill, I love you!
Now I am back in the land of the living after the NDW100 at the weekend, I just wanted to say the biggest thank you to you and your team of volunteers for all your support during the event. Words can’t describe how wonderful everyone was and I dont think I would have completed the event without their help. Last year I didn’t finish and withdrew at 76 miles so I am just over the moon to have completed the race. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and also I think, the best!
A massive thank you to all the awesome volunteers working so hard over the weekend. Buckle number 8 and I couldn't have done it without you. You guys totally rock. Thank you xx
I just wanted to add my thanks to the other numerous and well-deserved words of praise that have already been posted. Thank you to Centurion, to the volunteers, the supporters and the other runners for making my first 100-miler (albeit my second attempt at one) such a fantastic experience. I have never been so well looked after during a race and I felt like everyone really cared. It was such a luxury having my bottles filled for me. The food and drink on course was perfect -I wish I could have risked eating more of the yummy-looking ’real’ food, but as someone who’s better on mainly sugar it was really helpful being able to top up on gels instead of having to carry kilos and kilos of the things with me from the start! The organisation was top and the course was well-marked. Every time I was starting to get a bit nervous that I hadn’t seen a strand of tape for a while, one would miraculously pop up. I did go wrong 3 times but when I back-tracked I could see the markings really clearly and they were ‘my bads’. Thank you to the other runners who I shared a mile or two with -Mari, Nick, James, Graham and all the other positive, friendly people I met. I think it was my favourite ever race and I really want to do another Centurion race, if I can ever walk again. I took a flight to France this morning and I thought I was going to have to order wheelchair assistance at the airport. People kept asking me if I was ok as I shambled through the terminal. I told them it was self-inflicted. And one last thing -congratulations to everyone who finished but equally to everyone who started. Putting yourself on the start-line of a race like this takes guts and is an achievement in itself and you should be extremely proud of yourselves no matter how far you got.
Thank you all for a brilliantly organised event, my 4th 100 and it was definitely the toughest so far, loved the cheese on toast and chicken soup combo at Detling...looking forward to seeing you all again at the A100.
Thank you so much 'Team Centurion'. The organisation is second to none. I have nothing but total respect for the team of volunteers working their butts off to ensure we got our work done. The guy that looked after me at Knockholt with drinks, drop bag, food... double helping of pasta and cheese whilst I changed socks and prepared myself for the night...thank you kindly Sir. I was in and out in less than 15mins feeling fresh and full. It will be my turn next year on the aid station again, having volunteered twice and now completed two 100's.Look forward to seeing you all soon.
NDW100 volunteers: thank you, thank you, thank you. Without exception, friendly, helpful, cheery, encouraging, supportive and just damn lovely. I can't think of a better community in the running scene than the simply awesome Centurion events. I've missed volunteering this year so I'll be back to help all you CW50 runners next month.
Hi I just wanted to thank everyone for all the support yesterday at the North Downs Way, to be part of such an amazing day felt incredible. This was my second ultra, first 100 miler and it was so well organised. I felt so well looked after all marshals pushing you on, making you laugh at every opportunity and making sure I ate which I struggle with! I wanted to thank the physio at Blue Bell checkpoint who strapped my ankle, made me have a hot coffee as I was shaking and got me back on my feet enabling me to go claim my 24 hour buckle and come in third lady which I can't believe and I want her to know as she really helped get me there! Thank you all so much now I know what the Centurion Army really means 

South Downs Way 100 2017

Thanks to the marshals - every single one absolutely amazing as always. Especially the little things that make such a difference - like when they rummage through your sweaty pack for you so you don't have to take it off, when they rush around looking for someone with sun cream cos you were too stupid to put any on your neck, when they notice your pack is still unzipped as you leave the aid station, and when they wrap you up in their coats because you're cold - and you know they're just as cold and they've given up their only coat for you. These are Centurion staff, marshals, volunteers, helpers, crew, pacers, family. Love every one of you!
A friend and I took part in this weekends SDW100 (my first 100 mile attempt!) and I really wanted to pass my thanks on in writing to the team who put this event on. I've done a fair few shorter events as a runner and I have to say that this weekends event was organised absolutely brilliantly. There are a few things I'd like to highlight and if you can pass on your thanks to everyone, please do! The route was highlighted with tape and arrows absolutely perfectly. Navigation was never an issue at all. I ran most of the route in training sessions over the past months and those tricky bits which you may be hitting in darkness were made so easy with that red and white tape. You never felt like you needed to question the path you'd taken. Please thank everyone who helped with that as it ensured we got to the end safely and without having to do more mileage. The aid stations were insanely brilliant. Where did you find all those helpers ??? They were magical and really helpful. The support they provided to help get you in and out of the stations was second to none. Every station I stopped at, I was being offered help to fill my bottles and get me food, including coffee and tea where it was available. Time saved here was invaluable. The volunteers really lifted my spirits when times were hard. The team were just absolutely brilliant. Please if you can let them know that without them the run would have been a lot harder. I plan to volunteer next year if I can.
I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank the entire Centurion team for a great experience. In particular as a non-supported runner, I was unbelievably well looked after at every aid station, with stand-out service at Washington. I would also like to congratulate you on the efforts you went to in relation to navigational support. Living in Yorkshire, I had not been able to recce anything, and even overnight I had no problem finding my way.  I shall certainly be recommending Centurion events on my report on the Ilkley Harriers website. 
Just want to add my thanks to all the volunteers and marshals, you all made it an amazing experience. A special thanks to the guys at Washington who wouldn't allow me to drop until I'd had half an hour to think about it, I would never have finished without you!!
To every single person that cut fruit, made sandwiches, filled bottles, served tea, logged numbers, sorted drop bsgs and generally cared for our every need THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. James Elson and team do not miss a single trick. That course was marked impeccably. Sheer joy to take part (minus the hills of course😣) my first buckle earned xxx thanks again what a TEAM!!!
Another amazing day spent with the Centurion Running family. Every single one of you were amazing and a credit race volunteers. This really is the ultimate ultra running company in the U.K. 
 Thank you all.
Thank you everyone for taking such great care of us yesterday and today. Brilliant aid stations, kind volunteers and just a first class race. Wish I lived here !!
Short and simple. Thankyou for the kindess and support shown by the whole centurion team this weekend. As ever the event was an absolute pleasure, despite the challenges of the route, made all the more so by the amazing centurion army.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you To all the centurion volunteers for all the support and amazing awesomeness you guys are truly incredible
A huge thanks to the team at Housedean. After getting there with stomach issues I ended up blacking out from vomiting, and came to on the floor not knowing who I was or where I was. As you can imagine this scared the hell out of me (apologies to all who heard me screaming 'where am I). To say I was well looked after would be an understatement, and I want to thank im particular the lady who called my wife to collect me (sorry I've forgotten your name!) . I'm grateful for Centurion events being so well run and for having such amazing people.
Thanks once again to the amazing Centurion family. You make it all possible and give us such a lift with your smiling faces x
A mahoossive thanks to all volunteers, an equally mahoossive well done to all runners!
Three things I'd not foreseen:
1. Got talking to a fellow runner around twenty miles in. I thought I'd be the only Sheffield United fan with a grandmother from Northern Italy. I usually am...
...I was wrong. Well done, Dan!
2. The shout-out, nickname ('Gia') and all, from a volunteer running back down from what for me was mile 70. Apologies: I didn't recognise you... But thank you! A much-needed lift.
3. Mile 98. The Descent. Ow. Ow. Ow.
Just got home from finishing the SDW 100. Just wanted to say thank you for another amazingly well organised event. These events really have the feel of being organised by people who love and understand running which is so refreshing in an increasingly commercialised field.
The volunteers at the aid stations really were something else. Particularly the team at Alfriston who I got to in a really bad physical and mental state but who persuaded me I could still finish under 24 hrs, which (amazingly) I did comfortably. (Maybe just check they're not lacing their lemon cake with something!). Yet again, can't imagine doing another one but soon I'll be looking forward to NDW100.
Please could you pass on my thanks to all the volunteers yesterday at the SDW100. They were amazing! Thanks for putting on such a great well run event. Centurion events are the best!

Thames Path 100 2017

Massive thanks to all the Centurion staff, volunteers, crew, supporters and runners for brilliant day out along the Thames! What an awesome community.
I just want to say a huge thank you for all the staff and volunteers and Marshall's I just wanted to get in,fill up and get out as they say πŸ˜€so I wasn't overly chatty but tried to say thank you when I left every aid station, I was really pleased to meet Peter Colwill and Lee Scott and it gave me a real boost and thank you for telling me I was looking really good as well at 51 and 77 chaps was much appreciated!! It's a great family Centurion and I can't even put into words what this buckle means to me, 2 years ago I was 18 stone and heading for a heart attack, fast forward 2 years and 10 ultras, I failed last year and the DNF took 6 months to get over and it was a gamble coming back, but so very glad I did -thank you centurion for allowing me to be brave
Massive thank you to Centurion, volunteers, runners & supporters. Had a great time this weekend earning a third buckle.
My heartiest thanks to James, Nici and the rest of the red hoodies as well as the Centurion army out in force along the course, forever surpassing their own high standards. I am grateful to ALL of the volunteers; however, a few personal nods:-
i) Walton-on-Thames - amazing cheese scones, the baker needs their own bakery.
ii) Cookham - for telling me how handsome I was as I arrived at the aid station without any hint of sarcasm.
iii) Reading - for giving me a space to lie down for a little while when I was on the cusp of vomit and for the Whitney Houston. I will always love you, guys.
iv) Whitchurch - for trying to cater to my every need regardless of how ridiculous that was and for giving me a few minutes to try & get myself together, especially when there wasn't much time to be had.
v) The red hoodie that is Louise Ayling - for trying to shunt all of her potential drops at Henley another 8 miles along the course and for then re-appearing at Whitchurch to chivvy bedraggled souls on further yet again.
Thanks to everyone - runners, volunteers, organisers, supporters - for a fabulous event. The enormity of earning a buckle is slowly sinking in. Slept with it on my bedside table last night. Would it be too sad to wear it to work tomorrow?
Congratulations to all who took part in the TP100 
I loved every minute of it and the experience will stay with me forever 
I had a rocky patch at Henley but the Mrs slapped me a few times and told me to MTFU 
And the second half of the race flew by 
Can't believe that I smiled all the way round and the watermelon at 95 miles was amazing 
To all the Usual Suspects and to all the new usual suspects. Just massive thanks. My day was awesome from start to finish.
A beautiful and testing course, near perfect conditions, amazing support and organisation as I have become accustomed too at Centurion events. Some new acquaintances made and some old renewed. A day out with many friends and smiley faces.
Ultimately a 100m PB by over an hour on this time last year and the elusive Sub 21 for a Spartathlon ballot qualifier. See you all again soon for more running shinnanigans
Thank you to James , Nici and the rest of the Centurion family for an awesome TP100. Checkpoints and marshals fabulous as always
My first 100 and second time running at a Centurion event, fab,fab,fab. Obviously helped by finishing and exceeding my expectations. I can honestly say that the whole community - runners, volunteers, staff and supporters made me feel so welcome, so many acts of kindness. Apologies to the person at registration for sitting in the fire exit to put my number on, special thanks to Henley for delivering me food and drink while I changed all my clothes and cleaned my teeth! Also the runner just after Reading who picked up the glove that fell out of my pack Finally at the finish you were superb when I could barely move bringing me coffee and food. I hope I can be half as helpful when I am volunteering. 
As other runners have said, massive thanks to all the Centurion staff and volunteers for an amazing experience. I'm pretty sure that was my one and only 100 miler, but you were all so encouraging to those that were contemplating dropping out it was really inspiring.  Special thanks go to the sweeper who caught us up just after Abingdon, but kept reassuring us that we were on schedule to finish. (Ok, when he first appeared, he wasn't that popular!). Not only was he collecting signs and tape as he went, but he was making sure the back pack were all staying fed and hydrated, running ahead to open gates for us, and even running ahead to the next checkpoint with our orders for drinks and goodies!  Delighted to have completed the run with 19 minutes to spare! I'm looking forward to paying it back by volunteering at the SDW 100 this year, and I'll share my TP100 tattoo with you once it's done!
Thanks so much to centurion, volunteers, crews, and family and friends. 

South Downs Way 50 2017

Please pass on my thanks to all the team for a great event yesterday. The marshals at every aid station were superb. You said in your briefing that they would look after every runner the same, regardless of speed, and I certainly experienced that at Alfriston, when I arrived two minutes under the cutoff and left with a minute to spare, with topped up water and lots of encouragement. I was over the cutoff at Jevington, and am really grateful to the marshals there too, both for the friendly welcome and for waiting there when I'm sure they were all longing to get home. The course was lovely and well marked, and the race information was excellent.
I just wanted to say a big thank you to the organisers and volunteers involved in yesterday's event. The staff at the aid stations were all so jolly and supportive and the fellow competitors so friendly - it gave the whole day a great atmosphere. I ran this event to celebrate turning 50 a couple of weeks ago - it's likely to be the only event of this kind that I ever do which I'm fine about. I don't think yesterday's experience could ever be bettered!! The weather, the views.... WOW WOW WOW!!! It was all breathtaking.
Thank you so much Centurion Running for another incredible event... everything as always was perfect even if it was a touch hot for this pink headband wearing ginger..To reiterate what many have said the Marshall's and volunteers were incredible and i could of quite easily stayed at Jevington eating watermelon but i had a race to run...Looking forward to doing it all again in a few weeks and thank you Mimi for signing my medal xx
Thank you Team Centurion for a superbly executed day out on the Downs. A fantastically well marked route, excellent support from the wonderful volunteers and well organised registration and finish. Thank you to all.
Yesterday was one of those glorious days again with Centurion .. weather was perfect , the most fantastic views & as usual all the amazing people that come with Centurion events . Volunteers & marshals , you are in a class of your own .. always smiling, helping & picking up the pieces to send us on our merry way , thank you so much . Not forgetting the marvellous Nici Griffin wiping tears blood and snot off us all and keeping us in line - we love Centurion Mum πŸ˜and James Elson for his outstanding slick organisation that keeps us coming back ! 
Firstly, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the way that you all cared for the runners yesterday. I could not have been better looked after. You have a great thing going, and I hope you never change that Centurion formula.
Please pass on my thanks to your wonderful marshals and volunteers - all of whom did an exceptional job in attending to each and every runner as they bimbled along the course, making sure that runners' water was quickly topped up and helping to combat the heat where possible. It's a standard that they have set for themselves, one that they always strive to, and more often than not, surpass.
I love Centurion runs. Great organisation, superb volunteers and cracking performances from my fellow runners. I can't thank you enough for another great day. Looking forward to another good year, even if I am a bit scared it's TP100 in a few weeks 
A massive thank you to the volunteers and marshals at yesterday's SDW50. My first UK ultra and first Centurion event - very impressed. Next time I won't bring so much food - carried so much I didn't eat as aid stations so well stocked! A great day, thank you all!
So I've finally done it. After three years of marshalling, I am now the extremely proud and honoured owner of a Centurion finishers t-shirt and medal. A huge thanks to all the totally awesome marshals. I have a great day in as close to perfect conditions as you'll get. Topped of by a 1/2 hour PB. See you at TP100 where I'll be back to marshalling before round 2 of the 50 slam.
Thankyou to all who made yesterday possible was a truly awesome day , with some incredible people , I managed to not get lost which I do quite a bit , eat loads aid stations were the best , the support on route was amazing lots of cheering , loved every minute, cant believe how great the wether was, we were so lucky, this was my first 50 miler and I'm looking forward to seeing you all in June for the 100 , happy days.

Thank you to all at Centurion and the aid station crews! My first 50 in perfect conditions at such a well organised event.

My daughters cheered me (and every one else it seems!) on at the crew cheer points and had such a great day! What a great community.

Well done to everybody who braved the hills and the sunshine! Great feeling today

I failed to make the start line last year due to injury so volunteered and since then I've been determined to wait and run my first Ultra at a Centurion event.

You did not disappoint! 'Thank you' seems inadequate for what was such a special day from start to finish. To the all the marshals I thank you sincerely, if you haven't yet and you're thinking of running next year, do it!!

I've tried to think of something I would change about yesterday, and you know what? Nothing, not one thing. I even made new friends on the bus ride back to Worthing.

Some things in life are worth waiting for. X

I can't tell you how much yesterday means to me
I was so nervous
Everything was perfect
The marshals and volunteers were so kind and encouraging 
The course was so beautiful 
The sun shone
I had a pic with Mimi too 
I'm now an ultra runner and very proud 
Happy Days πŸ˜Š
While running a number of things go through your mind one mainly why do I do this and put myself through pain .
Well this is why , great people great medal and being looked after by the Centurion crew.
I haven't stopped smiling and it hasn't sunken in yet. 
The feeling coming over the finish line is the most greatest feeling ever( apart from taking off that dam back pack lol.)
If I'm going to be mad then I can't think of a better group to be mad withπŸ˜‰