Centurion Running

Winter Downs 200®

13 Dec 2023

Course Records




Section 1: North Downs Way from Juniper Hall to Botley Hill - 18 Miles

The route begins at Juniper Hall, with runners ascending the steep slope up the north side of Box Hill. No easy start! Then travels east on the NDW National Trail through Reigate Hill, past Caterham View Point and on to Titsey Estate. The NDW intersects with the Vanguard Way at this point and at the junction where runners would usually turn left up the steep hill to the check point at Botley Hill on the NDW50 and NDW100, they instead turn right and start their journey on the Vanguard Way, south to Alfriston.

Section 2: Vanguard Way from Botley Hill to Alfriston via CP1 - 45 Miles

The Vanguard Way travels over the Greensand Ridge, as runners make their way south to Forest Row (mile 35) where supplies may be sought (Co-Op) depending on their arrival time. Then on to Blackboys Village Hall in Framfield at Mile 49 - Aid Station 1. From Framfield continuing south on the Vanguard Way, the South Downs begin to creep into view as the next leg of the journey beckons. Upon reaching Alfriston Village, the Vanguard Way intersects with the South Downs Way right on the main street through the village, again offering shops and cafes to those there at more sociable hours. Runners then make their turn west onto the South Downs Way up and out of the village. 

Section 3: South Downs Way from Alfriston to Exton via CP2 and CP3 - 80 Miles

Continuing west on the South Downs Way, runners now reverse our SDW100 and run through all of the familiar spots from the South Downs Way 100 - Southease, Housedean Farm, Ditchling Beacon, Saddlescombe Farm and then the climb up to Devils Dyke. From there it is only a couple of miles to Truleigh Hill YHA and the sanctuary of Aid Station 2 - Mile 92.

Leaving Truleigh, runners stay on the South Downs Way all the way back down through Botolphs, Washington, Houghton & Amberley, Bignor Hill, Cocking and Queen Elizabeth Country Park before ascending Butser Hill. From there it is 5 miles or so to Aid Station 3 at the Sustainability Centre at mile 136.

Runners must then travel almost exactly 10 miles further west on the South Downs Way before making the turn onto the Wayfarers Walk at mile 146.

Section 4: Wayfarers Walk and St. Swithuns Way from Exton to Farnham - 32 Miles

Runners traverse the Wayfarers Walk for 7 miles through Cheriton to join the St. Swithuns Way at mile 154 on the edge of New Alresford. From there it is north east on that trail up through Alton, to Farnham at mile 178, where runners commence the final leg of their journey.

Section 5: North Downs Way from Farnham to Juniper Hall - 25 Miles

Runners join the North Downs Way at the trailhead, the large copper sign on the crossroads from where our NDW50 and NDW100 begin. Then travel east through Puttenham, over St. Martha's, Newlands Corner and Ranmore Common before descending down through Denbies Vineyard as the finish comes into view. The final sting in the tail is the climb up Box Hill Steps, before turning north past the Trig Point atop the final climb, off of the NDW for the final descent down to Juniper Hall below.