21 Nov 12 by James Elson

Winter 100/Piece of String Preview

Weekend Preview:

(note: I don't have enough time to look up a lot of stats and figures so some of what you read might be accurate and some pure speculation or rumour for which I make no apologies. if you feel you should be in the preview and are missing, or someone you know, the same, please leave a comment as usual. Thanks. James). 

Although there are a relatively low amount of runners taking part in this weekends events, vs some of the preceding races this year, there are a vast number of feats and stories behind the competitors, many with significant achievements just 100 miles (or more) away....

The Winter 100. 

We capped the field for this event at 100 runners (entry list here) due mainly to the conditions a 100 at this time of year in the UK, will throw at runners. We wanted the event to be safe and sustainable, but also a little more intimate than the other bigger sister races that have gone ahead of this one. Inevitably a few have dropped away as the big day approaches but the field remains full of talent from the front to the back. 

The most notable runners in the pack are the 5 who are hoping to complete the Grand Slam by finishing this weekend. Kenneth Fancett, Tremayne 'Dill' Cowdry, Allan 'ogee' Rumbles, David Bird and Andrew Miles have all successfully completed the TP, SDW and NDW 100s this year. The buckle they stand to earn for finishing the Winter 100 will hopefully make all of the pain, worth it. Each of their journeys has been an incredible one with some very low moments alongside the ultimate highs along the way. Leading the standings currently for overall time is Ken. I interviewed Ken recently (transcript here) and at 62 years of age is looking to complete all 4 x 100s in under 24 hours becoming the first and only person to date to do so. 

(Very poor photo, apologies. It looks much better in real life, and it's huge)

There is one other runner in the field who has focused specifically on the 100 mile distance. It's certainly not for anyone to feel undermined by the statistics behind Scott Brockmeier, finishing any 100 miler is a lifetime achievement and an exceptionally difficult proposition. Scott, however, will be attempting to finish his 24th 100 miler of 2012 at the Winter 100. Heralding from the US, he is in town especially for the race and to continue his path to completing as many 100s as he can within a 12 month window. His Blog is here

As for the elite end of the field, we welcome back a few speedsters from previous events as well as a few new faces. 

In the mens field we're honoured to have Richie Cunningham back down to race. Richie is a 2 time winner of the West Highland Way Race, perhaps the most prestigious and beautiful of Scottish Ultras which draws a superb field each year. A member of the Pearl Izumi team, he has scores of additional accolades to his name including holding the current CR at Caesars Camp 100 (a time which no runner has come within an hour of). He ran the NDW100 this past August but was unfortunately derailed to a 6th place overall by some navigational issues. One thing is for sure, for a runner used to training through the Scottish winter, the conditions at the Winter 100 will not worry him. 

Also toeing the line in the men's field is Martin Bacon. Martin finished 3rd in the inaugural TP100 in a sub 18 hour time. He knows the terrain, has recce'd and raced on the TP and Ridgeway extensively and has plenty of experience in going long with a 30 hour GUCR to his name. 

Nick Weston finished 3rd just yards ahead of 4th place as they rounded the track at this years SDW100. Earlier this year he also won the Kennett and Avon Canal Race ahead of the Montague brothers, no mean feat. 

My other dark horse pick for a good finish is Terrence Zengerink. Terrence blasted through the TP100, his debut at that distance, in sub 20 hrs this past March. He was kind enough to run with me during Comrarades earlier this year, his 6th or 7th finish, and has a wealth of talent. He will certainly be one to pick up the pieces if things blow up at the front. 

Finally there are of course a number of other runners with the potential to compete at the pointy end who we just aren't aware of. With athletes coming from the US, Italy, Germany and Sweden it could be a very different story on race day.

The ladies field was dealt a blow this week when Sandra Bowers had to withdraw due to injury. We wish her all the best in her recovery. With a score of fine performances behind her at the Ridgeway 85 and the TP100 she was almost certainly the favourite. The door is now somewhat open.

Lucy Clayton, one of our Centurion Coaching clients is going in to her first 100 with a string of fine performances behind her this year. She has won numerous off road marathons and ultras leading to a second place overall in the runfurther series and was one of the few to finish the Canadian Death Race over the summer. 

Wendy Shaw had a very solid run at the TP100 and with experience at the distance behind her is certainly one to watch.

My wild card is Annie Garcia. It all depends which Annie turns up on race day, the one looking to enjoy the outing with friends and take her time, or the one looking to race it. If it's the latter then she has the potential to run a superb race here. 

The Piece of String Fun Run

It isn't really possible to place a preview on this race for two main reasons. 1. Nobody (apart from James and I) has any clue how long it is going to be, so how can you possibly say it is going to play in to one persons strengths over another. If Usain Bolt was in the race and it turns out to be a 200 metre dash through Goring on the road, then he would obviously be favourite. If it turns out to be a 500 mile epic finishing in the Scottish Highlands, well then he'd be bang out of luck....

All that we can say (james and I) is that the calibre is absolutely incredible (entry list here). We're fairly certain that a group of runners as distinguished as this, without exception among them, has probably never been seen of an overall event field. Deca Iron, Triple Iron, Double Channel Swim, World Record holding, multi day and single day long ultra champions abound. We might just get a chance to see what they're really made of when there is no finish line in sight.... 

Follow both races live and potentially interupted, at the website here.